Tips for Preparing for a Holiday Abroad


It has been at least a couple of years that we had to put off foreign travel and if you are planning to take a holiday in a tropical paradise this year, you certainly won’t be alone in your desire to get away from it all. Of course, a foreign holiday takes a lot of planning; finding the right destination, booking the flights, not to mention packing and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that your foreign holiday is one to remember for all the right reasons.

  • Airport TransfersMake a taxi booking in Putney to be sure that you arrive at the airport refreshed and ready to board your flight, while you should book for the return leg. Pack your bags and leave them in the hall, then when the time comes, you are ready to load up and set off for London Heathrow.
  • Wear a Money Belt – A slimline version that is ideal for your important documentation can easily be worn around the waist under your shirt/ Your passport, air tickets, health insurance papers, travel cheques and cash, can all be safely kept in the money belt while on the move. There are many times when you need to access these things and the money belt is secure and convenient.
  • Don’t Take Cash – Travel cheques are a safe way to carry your holiday money and should you lose them or they are stolen, you are covered by insurance. Lots of cash in your wallet when in a strange environment is certainly not advisable and you can buy $100, $50 and $20 cheques and cash them as required.

Of course, you need to sort out visas and make sure that you comply with covid entry requirements, then you can look forward to an amazing holiday experience.

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