The Reality Regarding OEM Phoenix Auto Glass Parts


Are you aware that your car’s car windows functions like a major element of a very engineered crash management system?

“So how exactly does this impact me,” you might ask? Well, without correct installing of OEM auto glass windshields and glues by certified technicians, maybe it’s a rather serious or perhaps fatal impact. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, means your vehicle’s car windows or any other auto glass is created from original equipment-style tooling and meets the maker specifications for quality and safety to safeguard you in situation of the accident.

Your car windows can lead around 60 % towards the support from the roof during roof crush and rollover accidents! In-front finish collisions, the car windows may be the backboard for that passenger side airbag. The car windows really absorbs the pressure from the airbag upon deployment of accelerates to 200 mph. Thus, using OEM auto glass parts is important.

Why Only OEM Auto Glass Parts?

Stringent standards. OEM auto glass standards and specifications tend to be more stringent than Dot (Us dot) standards. OEM auto glass standards require 100 % car windows retention in frontal barrier crash tests, while Us dot only requires 80 %! Would you need to chance your existence, as well as your family’s existence, to that particular other 20 %? In addition, the greater standards of OEM auto glass parts make sure that an automobile could be introduced to pre-accident condition. Some aftermarket parts don’t match the tolerance, thickness, and form of OEM auto glass parts therefore, they may have a greater rate of leakage, wind noise, imperfect fit, solar performance, and optical distortion. Quite simply, your safety might be in danger.

Safeguard your warranty. Installing of OEM auto glass parts will make sure your automobile manufacturers’ auto glass warranties won’t be in risk as it might be aftermarket auto glass parts.

The next a few of the OEM auto glass manufacturers that particular quality Phoenix auto glass shops use:

Pittsburg Plate Glass (PPG)






AP Tech







Make sure to ask the next questions associated with a Phoenix auto glass shop that you’re thinking about for auto glass repair and substitute:

Would you use OEM auto glass parts, glues and glass?

Would you use certified auto glass technicians?

Have you got a written adhesive usage policy and what’s the safe drive away time? (There’s just one urethane manufacturer whose adhesive continues to be endorsed and approved to be used by all major call manufacturers – Kent Urethane Autoglass Glues!)

What’s the Phoenix auto glass company response time?

Is ample time permitted for any proper and safe installation?

Would be the manufacturer’s auto glass specifications adopted?

Would you provide a transferable lifetime warranty on auto glass parts and workmanship?

Seek advice from your insurance company to find out if they include Phoenix auto glass shops that offer only OEM auto glass parts and glues. Most of the major insurance providers have a listing of Phoenix auto glass shops that you should select from however, it’s possible that just a few of these them may have the standard OEM auto glass parts you would like. You may be incorrectly steered to some facility of the option for “cost saving reasons.”

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