Questions You Should Ask Before Renting Your Car Out to Rideshare Rental


Do you have an extra car that you would like to rent to make a few extra coins from? Rideshare Rental is a company that rents cars from car owners in return for extra cash. Below, we will discuss some of the important things you should know about renting your car for money.

How Does the Process Work?

Rideshare Rental is one of the most reliable companies that rents cars from car owners. The process is straightforward, and it can be completed through various procedures. For instance, you can rent out your car through an app. You can also list that your vehicle is only available to private individuals. This is if you are worried about the security of your car.

The person renting your car is required to get in touch with you. Rideshare Rental retains approximately 12-30% of commissions and fees. This is inclusive of roadside assistance and insurance for damages, theft, and liability.

Is Renting My Car Out Worth It?

To know if renting out your car is worth it, you must understand a few things. For instance, by renting your car, you can earn passive income, making it an effective additional source of income. When renting out your car, you can set your own prices. You can earn money from short-term and long-term rentals.

You should research the prices in your area to ensure you set a reasonable price. You should also be flexible about pricing. For instance, you can charge a higher price during high-demand periods. When you sign up for a Rideshare Rental, you become self-employed, and you are treated like a small business owner.

This means that your car rental income is subject to federal and state income tax. However, you may qualify for tax deductions by tracking all your car expenses and keeping all your receipts related to the car you are renting.

What Issues May Arise?

You need to understand that renting your car may mean lots of wear and tear. The cars rented from Rideshare Rental have unlimited mileage. This means the driver can drive the car for up to one thousand miles in a week. You also need to understand that a stranger will drive your car for a couple of days.

Some people might be reckless, meaning your car will not return to its original state.

What are the Basic Requirements for Listing My Car?

You must upload registration, insurance, and your driver’s license. You must also make sure that your car meets the Lyft and Uber vehicle requirements. The government or a private entity must have also checked your car to ensure that the 19 specific areas conform to security and operational requirements. This is what is referred to as a 19-point inspection.


You may be tempted to rent out your car because you need extra money. However, you have to understand that it is risky. You also have to ask yourself all the above questions to ensure that you are making the right decision.

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