Going On Long Distance Journeys In An Electric Vehicle


Many people are switching to electric vehicles, and the technology is advancing to help increase the distance these vehicles can travel before needing charging. However, as electric cars are still in their infancy in mainstream usage, people are still getting used to them. They can sometimes suffer from “range anxiety”, especially when going on long trips. When you go on a long-distance trip and use your electric vehicle (EV), you will want to do some planning and learn how to maximise the range of your car. Below are some tips to help you do this that can reduce your anxiety and ensure you get to where you want to go without running out of charge.

Maximising The Range Of Your EV

To maximise the range of your EV, you will need to change some of your driving habits which can help you extend the distance you can get from a full charge. You will want to drive your vehicle in Eco mode, limiting the top speed and acceleration of your car. It is also worth ensuring the tyres on your vehicle are fully inflated, which can help increase the efficiency of your car. You will also want to reduce the power your vehicle uses, so you may want to turn the air conditioning off and turn off the radio. Winding your windows up can also help you increase the range of your vehicle by improving its aerodynamic properties.

Planning Your Optimal Route

You will also want to take some time to plan the optimal route for your journey. If possible, you will want to avoid going up steep inclines, which will use much more power than when travelling on a flat road. You will also want to choose the best route to travel at a constant speed, rather than having to slow down and speed up again constantly. You can use various tools to help plan your journey in an EV and taking the time to do this can help ensure you have a pleasant journey.

Working Out The Best Places To Charge

When you travel further than a full charge of your EV will take you, you will need to plan the best places to stop and charge your vehicle. You can use an EV charging app to help you plan the best route for your journey and select the best places to charge along the way. These apps can help you get the best price for charging your vehicles, and they can also help you locate the fast-charging points, so you do not need to wait long for your car to charge.

With careful planning and some attentive driving, you can have an enjoyable drive to your destination, choosing the best route for you. It will be excellent practice for you to learn to drive conservatively and maximise the range of your vehicle during regular use. You can click here to get more tips on driving long distances in an electric car so you can maximise your driving distance so that no journey will be too far for your EV.

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