Career Options for Young People in the UK


If you are on the right side of 30 and are somewhat unhappy with your job, making a life-changing career move is not as difficult as you might think. Sadly, some people think they have to struggle on with a job they no longer enjoy, yet with a little planning and some sacrifice, you can change what you do for a living.

Here are a few examples of career changes that you could make.

  • Self-employed tradesperson – If you have the skillsets needed to lay bricks or plaster for a living, there is a high demand for skilled tradespeople. Even if you don’t have the qualifications, a couple of years of online study at a reputable college will get you a City & Guilds Certificate, which is all you need. If you have all the tools you need, search online for subscription vans and they can sort you a new commercial vehicle and you are good to go.
  • Personal trainer – If you are fit and active and enjoy working with people, why not gain certification to become a personal trainer? Online courses can be arranged and in about 2 years, you will have certification that is globally recognised. There’s nothing stopping you from applying to a 5-star luxury resort in a tropical paradise, working as a residential fitness instructor, indeed, you can work anywhere when you have certification. You might have a passion for yoga and after several years of practice, you could become qualified to teach others.
  • Nursing – Nursing is more of a vocation than a profession, and if you like caring for others, there are many fields of nursing that you can enter. Working with the elderly, or children, does offer special rewards and if you think that this is something for you, contact the NHS and see what is needed to get started.
  • Digital marketing – We already live in a digital world and the field of online marketing is always in need of skilled technicians who can carry out search engine optimisation. Start by talking to a leading digital marketing agency and if you are IT literate, they might take you on as a trainee; a couple of years working under supervision might be all it takes to get your foot on the ladder.

The above are just a few of the careers that you could take up and with a little planning and some self-sacrifice, it won’t be long before you have a new and exciting career, which should change your life for the better.

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