Boat Building at Home: What you Should Know


Some people love to repair and even build boats and if you have the space, the back yard is the obvious venue for such a project, yet there are aspects to consider. We’ve all heard the stories of boatbuilders who spent years on their pride and joy, only to discover that the vessel cannot be extracted from its place of birth, and with that in mind, here are a few tips if you are planning a boat built at home.

Planning the Extraction

It is advisable to reverse engineer the project and start by working out how the finished vessel will be extracted. Approach crane hire in Perth WA with the specs of your boat and ask them to visit the site to determine how to lift the boat to a waiting platform, which will eliminate the risk of not being able to lift the finished vessel out of the yard. If the crane operator knows the precise location of the finished vessel, its dimensions and weight, they can calculate the best passage to the waiting truck and if you get a green light, then you move forward with some confidence. If it means losing a garden wall, then so be it, but whatever the design and size, you must be 100% sure that the vessel can be extracted.

Cover & Protection

While it might sound OK to build the craft outdoors, you can’t leave the boat in the elements and creating a trailer to house the boat from scratch is one way of overcoming this problem. Simply slide the trailer out of the garage when you want to work outside and you will have to make some modifications to a standard boat trailer.

Tools & Equipment

Of course, as a boatbuilder, you will need a wide range of woodworking tools and machines and safe storage is essential. You can hire equipment that is rarely used and as the project develops, so will your expertise, hopefully resulting in a first-class build. When building a boat in your yard, you are not pressed for time and there will be times when you have to sacrifice time on the boat for a family event and with no urgency for the finish date, you can work at your own pace.

Once you have made sure that the finished boat can be extracted, you can begin planning and before long, the hull construction can begin, which is something you should record with video and images, which can be edited into a film showing how you built your boat.

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