5 Great Reasons to Sell the Car and Buy a Bike


Many of us consider the car an essential aspect of living, which brings with it a level of independence, yet you can derive that and a whole lot more from a state-of-the-art street bike. If this isn’t something you have considered, here are a few reasons to trade that car in for a stylish motorcycle.

  1. Running Costs – When compared to a car, running a bike costs next to nothing, with great fuel economy and no ridiculous parking fees and if you are finding yourself short of money before then end of the month, replacing your car with a sporty bike is the perfect way to reduce living costs.
  2. No More Traffic Jams – Gridlocked roads are no longer an issue when you ride a bike and if you have to endure a daily dose of rush hour traffic, do yourself a favour by selling the car, or leave it at home and ride your street bike. Whether new or used, there are great Yamaha motorcycle deals at your local dealership and they offer low-interest finance on both new and used machines.
  3. The Thrill of the Ride – If you have yet to experience being out on the roads on two wheels, you don’t know what you are missing, and with a range of bikes that include tourers, sports, street bikes and super-sports racers, there’s bound to be one that hits the spot. The Yamaha R Series is for serious lovers of speed, while the powerful touring bikes will cruise along at 100kph all day, and if you are into off-road riding, there is a class of bikes for you.
  4. No More Parking Nightmares – We all know how this works, driving around a car park, waiting for a space, well bikes have their own special areas to park and they are never full. You can leave your bike in many places and with secure locking, safety isn’t an issue.
  5. Capital for a New Venture – In the event you are looking to start your own business, selling the car and buying a used bike will certainly help finance the project. Check online for a free evaluation of your car, which might be enough to get you started.

For the full range of bikes, you are advised to check out your local Yamaha dealership, where you can book a test ride on any of their extensive range of bikes.

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