3 Key Maintenance Tips for Keeping your RV at Top Shape


RVs have always served to be one of the best companions for road trips and outings with friends and families. Many people have taken an interest in the large variety of RV models that finding models like a Keystone Retreat RV in Boise is increasingly easier and more convenient.

Despite the convenience that an RV brings to trips, that convenience can easily turn into a problem if your RV isn’t properly looked after. Proper care and maintenance are needed for this as it is more intricate than the common cars you see on trips. A properly cared RV will have no problem keeping you comfortable during a trip, but a poorly maintained one can lead to several problems.

Regular maintenance on your RV isn’t only for your comfort, but it is also for your money as you don’t have to spend extra having to replace and repair broken parts and equipment that came as a result of poor maintenance. We have here several maintenance tips that are bound to keep your RV in top shape.

Inspect your RV’s Roof and Seams 

The walls that make up and shape your RV are an important component. It is critical to ensure that these walls are well-maintained. To ensure that everything is in good working order, make sure that everything is properly bolted and that no panels are exposed.

Ideally, you would want to perform this kind of inspection once every month or after a trip as continuous exposure to outdoor elements without any aftercare placed into them will cause lasting damage. A good way to ensure that your RV’s roof and seams are properly maintained is to apply a coat of sealant every time you do an inspection. Be sure to use the right sealant based on the material you are applying them on.

Maintain Tire Pressure 

One of the most important parts of a car is the tires attached to it. Keeping your tires in shape isn’t only important to make your RV run and go on trips, but it is also crucial for your safety and wellbeing. Tire pressure is an important factor to be mindful of as the pressure in your tire tends to fluctuate a lot based on numerous factors. Additionally, poor tire pressure can lead to your tires popping or going flat, which can lead to several problems and additional expenses.

Keep your Brakes, Water, Electricity, and Gas Well Maintained 

An RV is just a simple vehicle like a car that you only need to be mindful of the brakes, oil, and gasoline for fuel. RVs are more complicated and need more time and attention as you need to also be mindful of the things that your facilities inside the RV will be using.

Things like your line for gas for the kitchen or water for the bathroom, and electricity for everything else need to be in top shape for you to have a smooth trip. Make sure to keep all the lines connecting these things attached and not faulty through regular maintenance and checkups.

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