The Benefits of Stone Cleaning Services


When people have buildings and other materials made of stone, they often hesitate to clean them. They worry that cleaning the stone could damage the building. However, when they choose not to clean them, the buildings look dirty, and mosses, lichens, bird lime, and other pollutants can damage the stone surface after it sets in over a period of time.

What to Know About Stone Cleaning Services

When you hire professionals for stone cleaning services, they should be specialists who know the products that are most appropriate to clean stone. This type of product will not damage the stone, and it will bring it back to its former clean look. It is important to pay attention to the products a company uses, as some simply use abrasive discs, acid, high pressure washing, or grit. Used improperly, these products can cause permanent damage to the building.

When you work with a stone cleaning company that understands the details of cleaning your building, they will have developed cleaning methods that never cause damage. In addition, they use environmentally friendly methods, such as soda blasting. Soda blasting is unique, and it works for cleaning paving stones, stone floors, stone fireplaces, and Indian stone.

What Is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is one of the best techniques for cleaning stone. It uses a vortex of compressed air that carries specifically graded sodium bicarbonate crystals for cleaning. It will remove paint residue, lime and cement-based paints, some older oil-based paints, carbon and bitumen, lime scale, micro-organism blooms, bird fouling, and most other surface contaminants. It can also be used on a range of objects, including the exterior of stone buildings, stone paving, stone floors, and sensitive objects such as cemetery stones.

They Recommend Products to Use Between Cleanings

Once you have your stone cleaned, there are times when you may have an emergency and want to clean it. For example, if there is graffiti on your stone surface, you will want to remove it right away. The stone cleaners can recommend graffiti removal products, or they can come out and remove it for you. Another scenario is when you notice algae growing on your stone. There are cleaning products that will kill spores on contact to remove the algae before it sets in and stains your stone. By maintaining your stone buildings and other stone surfaces regularly, you can go longer between cleanings. You can go over all of this with the professionals and come up with a plan to keep your stone building beautiful.



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