Renting Heavy Equipment; Important Factors to Consider


In any construction project, having the right equipment is one great factor that facilitates its success. Whether it is offshore or onshore projects, there is the need to get quality equipment. If you have rented equipment in the past, you know that this is a big hassle. There are many things that you must put into consideration. The last thing you want is to pay for equipment, haul it to the site, only to realize it is not the right one. Therefore, you must have the right specs before you deal with the rental company. Below are vital elements you need to keep in mind before reserving the equipment.

  1. Type of Equipment Required

Before anything else, you need to be clear on the type of equipment you need. This factor will depend on the job you need to be done. Decide why you need it and the task you intend to do with the machinery. There are many types of machinery. So, you need to have its purpose outlined clearly. IHC IQIP offers you the machinery you need for your big project. The range of machinery and project-based services increases flexibility and efficiency while eliminating risks at work.

  1. The Size of the Equipment 

Still, the amount of work you intend to do will also determine the size of machinery you require. If you want to lift heavy loads, you will require equipment with the capacity within the weight of the load. This starts with knowing the difference between different machine capacities and what each machine can do. Be specific when renting the machinery since it comes in different sizes and designs.

  1. The Attachments Necessary

The extra attachments and tools you get will also be based on the type of job. You may need lifting equipment, excavation machines, or demolition machines. Your needs will determine the attachments you get. For instance, think of the offshore wind industry . Companies in this sector require lifting machines for heavy items when setting up the structures. Do you want to drill or break hard surfaces? When unsure, your equipment provider will help you.

  1. The Cost of Rental

The type of equipment you rent will also be affected by your current financial situation or the budget set for the project. Before renting the machinery, check the upfront costs and any other additional expenses. These factors can affect you negatively, especially if you are a small company. It is better you transact with a company with little up-front cost or without upfront cost at all.

  1. Delivery Process

While considering the above factors, you will also need to know how the equipment will be hauled to the site. Some equipment rental companies offer free delivery to job sites while others will ask for a small fee. Others do not deliver at all. So, confirm this factor. Arrange how you will get the machinery to the site.

  1. Length of the Project

You also need to stay clear on the duration of your project. Know for how long you will need to use the machine. This will ensure you don’t waste money when the equipment stays idle and takes up space after its work is complete. Determining the length of the project will prevent more expenses.

  1. Insurance Policies

In case of a mishap, vandalism, or theft, you need to know what will happen. This means that it is crucial to either have insurance cover or rent the equipment from an insured company. Pre-existing insurance covers you from liabilities, should anything happen to the machines on your site.


These are the key elements when renting heavy equipment. They ensure you get the right equipment that will facilitate efficiency. So, in case you want to rent heavy equipment for your project, consider these factors.

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