Is Your Bike Insurance up for Renewal? Check PUC First


Vehicular emissions are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution in India. A PUC certifies that your vehicle emits pollutants under the permitted limits. You must have a valid PUC certificate while driving if you own a bike.

What is PUC?

A valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate is given to a bike or any other vehicle after successfully passing the PUC test at any authorised test centres.

The Government of India has fixed emission levels for all types of vehicles in India. The PUC test checks the emission levels of the bike and compares them with the standard emission levels set by the government. The PUC certificate is given to the bike if its emission levels are under the prescribed limit.

You don’t require a PUC during the first year of buying a brand new bike. However, you must regularly obtain a PUC certificate for the bike from the second year onward by getting it tested at the PUC test centre.

All bikes complying with BS-IV standards and onwards are awarded a PUC certificate with one-year validity. All the older models before BS-IV are awarded a PUC validity of six months.

What Does PUC Have to Do With Bike Insurance?

Following a directive from the Supreme Court of India, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made it mandatory to have a valid PUC to renew your bike insurance policy from your insurance service provider.

If your bike has a valid PUC certificate, then you can consider purchasing bike insurance online without hassle and minimal paperwork.

PUC Certification Benefits for Bike

Apart from fulfilling the statutory requirements and being a compulsory document for your bike insurance policy renewal, PUC certification also has some other benefits.

  • Environment Protection

A PUC ensures that your bike’s emission levels are under control. Therefore, you indirectly contribute toward protecting the environment by maintaining a valid PUC certificate for your motorcycle.

  • Bike’s Health Check-Up

A PUC test acts as a health check-up for your bike. Fluctuating or higher than permissible emission levels can prompt you to get your bike checked from an authorised service centre and sort out any issues. Therefore, the entire operation to obtain a PUC certificate can help keep your bike in good condition.

Steps to Obtain a PUC Certificate

  1. Find the authorised emission testing centre nearest to your residence. You can also use the online platform of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to narrow down your search and find the nearest PUC centre.
  1. Take your bike to the test centre. The mechanic there will perform the test by inserting the emission test tube into the bike’s exhaust pipe and checking the emission levels.
  1. If the test is successful, then your PUC certificate will be generated electronically. The authorised personnel will take the print-out of the certificate and hand it over to you.

The process of obtaining a PUC certificate is quite quick and hassle-free. Thus, there is no reason to delay getting one for your bike. Additionally, you must remember to upgrade your PUC before your bike insurance policy renewal.

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