How to Get to Victoria from Seattle by Booking a Ferry


Some people may take some consideration regarding how to get to Victoria from Seattle. This will be important consideration since it takes quite long distance and it will also cross the border between United States and Canada.

There are some options that can be chosen. In this case, it is possible to choose the option of taking ferry. Of course, ferry is recommended and there are some reasons for it.

Reasons of Taking Ferry from Seattle to Victoria Island

Trip from Seattle to Victoria Island takes time. It is not short distance so it takes several hours to reach the destination. That is why choosing the transportation will be important. In this case, ferry is nice choice to get comfortable trip.

There are several reasons why taking ferry is the best choice to reach Victoria Island from Seattle. When it is compared to driving the vehicle, of course it is more comfortable to have ferry. At least, someone does not need to drive for some hours to reach the destination.

Taking the ferry is also quite fast. It only takes around 2 hours from Seattle to Victoria Island. Even if it takes longer time because of some issues, normally 3 hours are more than enough for the trip. In this case, the ferry has good speed to save the time.

Next, it is considered cheap to take the ferry as the transportation to reach Victoria Island. In addition to the comfortable trip, it is not too expensive so it is good way to save the money and later there will be still enough money to spend during the stays in Victoria.

Easy Booking Process to Get Ferry from Seattle to Victoria Island

When it is trip by ferry, it surely requires booking process to get the ticket of the ferry. However, it is not big problem at all since The Ferry Traveller will provide easy access to book the ferry ticket. It is not something complicated and even it is possible to get estimation regarding the price. As for the process, these are the steps.

  • Open the website of The Ferry Traveller

All the booking accesses are available in the website. It is not necessary to visit the office and book the ferry directly. It is very convenient since the access of booking can be found quickly.

  • Choose the way

After opening the website, next thing to do is to choose or select the way. There are three options available in The Ferry Traveller. First option is the one-way trip. This is simple and it is suitable for people who may choose to stay longer in Victoria Island or do not have plan to return to Seattle quickly.

Next choices are the round trip and multi travel. The options are provided since each person may have different needs of way to reach the destination. After choosing the way, the next part is to choose the route.

In this case, The Ferry Traveller provides additional services. These will be useful since sometimes it may be necessary to book the hotel or specific ferry class. The service will surely provide the best choice regarding how to get to Victoria from Seattle effectively and comfortably.

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