How Automated Logistics is Changing the Industry


We are definitely living in a digital world and with the emergence of AI and The Internet of Things, we are about to enter a new dimension of digital technology. Automation is everywhere and this new sector has changed the logistics industry; the way parcels are handled and tracked today is far removed from 20 years ago. Take a walk through one of the Amazon mega-warehouses and you’ll see how far we’ve already come; the only humans that work in an automated warehouse are the technicians that manage the system, and they work in 3×8 hour shifts.

Local Logistics Companies

While not 100% automated, the logistics firm still using rubber conveyor belts in Telford does track all of its consignments using GPS tech and their staff would be able to multi-task to ensure order fulfillment to schedule. All packages have a barcode, which is read several times during the transit and their website has a parcel tracking feature; simply paste your consignment number into the search window and click to reveal the current whereabouts of your items.

Drone Deliveries

Drones are already being used by Amazon in selected US States; the truck has 6 delivery drones on the roof and the driver finds the optimum point to deploy the drones, which have been loaded and their destinations programmed. A few buttons pressed and the multiple deliveries are taking place, with a customer notification going out prior to the delivery, the recipient waits at their door and uses a QR code to access their goods. The drone then flies on to its next delivery or back to the mother vehicle to be reloaded.

Life is changing fast and the logistics industry is turning to full automation in a bid to keep up with e-commerce.

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