Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing Road Transport


The supply and distribution of cargo nationwide at are carried out practically by land vehicles on highways. Although maritime, rail, and air transport presents competitive advantages, some advantages explain why road transport is the most used. Check it out below!

The Advantages Of Road Transport

Before opting for road transport, it is necessary to know this modal’s advantages for your logistical operations. This way, it is easier to identify if it is a worthwhile option for your company.

Lower Costs

Compared to other types of transport – such as air and sea – road transport offers lower costs in internal transport. The freight price is one of the main competitive advantages when we talk about this mode of transport. Furthermore, maintenance costs in road transport are also considerably lower.

Greater Reach

Air and sea transport cannot reach all origins or destinations; that is, their deliveries are not 100% integral and end up generating higher added costs. In this sense, road transport is a faster and cheaper alternative to access different country regions. The road infrastructure still needs a lot of improvement, but at the moment, it is the one that offers the most significant reach for cargo transportation.

Route Flexibility

In addition to the greater reach, road transport has much more flexibility about collecting and delivering goods routes. Different itineraries can offer access to the same region, making it possible to trace strategic routes to reach the destination more quickly and safely.

Agility In Releasing Loads

It is common for cargo to be days or even weeks waiting to be released in some transport systems. With road transport, this rarely happens since as soon as the vehicle is parked at the dispatcher’s location, the goods can be removed immediately, efficiently, and quickly. Therefore, in national transport, this advantage makes the road modal also more efficient in meeting the most urgent logistical operations.

Cargo Diversity

Road transport offers ample flexibility to transport different types of products and goods. The different types of vehicles used in this modal provide, among others, the transport of:

  • Dry loads;
  • Bulk cargoes;
  • Refrigerated loads;
  • Dangerous cargo;
  • Vehicle loads;
  • Fragile loads;
  • Valuable loads;
  • live loads;
  • Large loads;
  • Drug loads.

Transformations In The Highway Sector

The road transport sector has been undergoing profound transformations to make cargo distribution in the country more and more viable. New technologies and tools are being introduced in this context to bring more safety, agility, and efficiency in cargo transportation. Check out some of the trends!

  • More efficient geolocation;
  • Management of digital tools;
  • Full monitoring;
  • Autonomy of industry professionals;
  • Real-time loads;
  • Modern vehicles;
  • Advanced robotics;
  • Process automation;
  • Sustainable logistics;
  • Effective database.

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