Do You Want to Ship Your Motorcycle while Relocating to a Different City?


Nobody wants to get their motorcycle either in damaged or scratched condition after it is shipped to a different city. Nowadays, many companies are available who can ship not only cars, but also motorcycles.

The cost to ship a motorcycle through Ship a Car, Inc. will not be very high. The average cost of shipping your motorcycle can be anything between $400 and $600.

Various things that are included in the shipping cost

The following are a few reasons that will decide the exact price of shipping your motorcycle.

  • Open or enclosed transport

If you are interested to transport your motorcycle within an enclosed transport then you must be ready to pay an extra amount of money. Usually, it will be on an average extra $150 more than an open transport cost.

  • Distance to be traveled

Of course, distance to be traveled is an important consideration for calculating the cost of shipping your motorcycle. The more the distance, the higher will be the shipping cost.

  • Motorcycle size and weight

The heavier and larger your vehicle is, the shipping cost will also rise accordingly. As an example, The Kawasaki Voyager 1700 that weighs 895 pounds may cost $50 to $100 more than moving a Yamaha SR400, which only weighs 284 pounds.

  • Luxury and vintage bike accommodations

If you want to ship your vintage or luxury bike then certainly you will prefer a little more protection for the bike. Hence, you may prefer enclosed transport, which will attract a little more price. For a more valuable vehicle, you may like to pay a little extra.

  • Fuel surcharges

Fuel cost may differ based on whether you are paying for jet fuel for any plane or diesel for any truck. In any case, fuel charges will also reflect in the price for shipping your motorcycle.

  • Insurance

You must be having your insurance for your motorcycle however, that will not be sufficient to cover shipping. Transport companies usually provide additional insurance and that will also be reflected in their price.

  • Shipping speed

In case your requirement for shipping is on an urgent basis then you may have to shell out an additional amount which may be in the range of a few hundred dollars an extra.

  • Shipping methods

There are several ways your motorcycle can be shipped e.g. by truck, ship, train, or plane. The truck is the most common way to ship as it can cover wide areas. There will be a variation of price depending upon your shipping methods.

  • Time of Year

Usually, the cost of shipping will not make a great difference based on the time of year you choose to ship. However, during rainy or snowy seasons, people generally prefer to send through enclosed transport, which can raise the shipping cost.

  • Location for pick up and drop off

For the easy location for pick-up, drop-off may not cost too high, but the same is not true for a difficult one.

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