Disadvantages of Automated Forex Trading Systems


Forex trading is a business that attracted millions of investors and customers in the recent past. It is a business that is now automated and one can place trades on an online forex trading platform. This trading platform can be accessed by a simple google search by a forex trader or any potential investor.

4 Disadvantages of Automated Forex Trading Systems

As much as the online forex trading platforms have been on the rise and have made work easier via automated forex trading systems, a forex trader needs to be cautious through a trading process. What has a good side most likely never lacks a bad side.

This article will highlight four disadvantages of automated forex trading systems. Find out more by reading this article.

Mechanical Failures

Automated forex trading systems require a forex trader to have internet connectivity for the trading to go through. In cases where a forex broker is placing a trade on behalf of a forex trader, the forex broker company or individual should as well have internet connectivity.

The internet connectivity enables a forex trader to view the forex markets, study how they are fluctuating, and identify the right time to trade as well. If the internet connection has some mishaps or disconnects at some point then this might disrupt the forex trading happening at the time.

Mechanical failures may draw a forex trader to a loss of a trade they should have placed. When the trade is not done at the right time, it might or most likely leads the forex trader in missing out on a profit.


A forex trader needs to be on guard for the trades he wants to be part of. As much as the automated trading systems is an easy peasy job of getting a trade done automatically, a forex trader has to keep monitoring the trade. The monitoring is important especially for the forex trader especially because internet connectivity may at times not go as expected, a power loss may come by, or worse still the forex trader’s computer may crash.

If the computer that a forex trader is using to place trade clashes, then that would only necessitate him or her to repeat the process. Repeating the process is again a tedious job especially because one has to check if the same market prediction still stands. Automated forex trading systems hence cannot work without the monitoring of the functionality of the trade.

Over – Optimization That Can Lead Them to Perform Poorly

Forex trading platforms that employ backtesting of their systems could overrule the probability that their automated forex trading systems could backfire on them and their customers. The truth is automated forex trading systems can perform poorly and go as opposed to the results brought forth from their backtesting.

It is hence important for a forex trader to keep in mind that the automated trading systems could perform poorly and hence a plan B method to place their trades in cases like those.

Avoid the Scams

As the saying goes “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” could as well apply in automated forex trading systems. Out of the fame that forex trading has acquired, Incoming forex trading platforms could take advantage of this to woo people to trade forex via their platform.

It is for this reason that a forex trader should be able to distinguish between a fake and legitimate automated forex trading system. Some of the ways that would help a forex trader rule out an automated forex trading system are scrutinizing the need to pay for a service before you pay for it, researching about the automated forex trading system, and reading through the reviews in the trading system’s website.

Something else a forex trader could factor in to figure out If the automated forex trading system is a scam or not is finding out if the system comes with a trial period. The majority of sites that miss out on trial periods for their customers are scams.


This article highlighted four disadvantages of automated forex trading systems. The four disadvantages are mechanical failures, automated forex trading systems cannot work without the monitoring of functionality, they can bring about over-optimization that can lead them to perform poorly and a forex trader should be beware of the scams that come with automated trading systems.

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