Bangkok’s Best Museums


Bangkok, the bustling modern capital of the ancient Kingdom of Thailand, is famed for its plethora of exciting bars, delicious restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, but we need to find something to occupy our time during the day as well!

So, when you wake up after a night of cavorting in your luxurious resort in Bangkok we recommend you explore the amazing history and cultural heritage of this venerable nation by visiting the city’s many outstanding museums! Here are some of our favourites in the space allowed, bearing in mind that they represent just a handful of all that is on offer!

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre – The city’s own version of New York’s Guggenheim, this fantastic museum features a spectacular central atrium surrounded by nine floors brimming with all manner of creative arts and housing a very large collection of pieces by Thai artists as well as international artists. The vibrant space is a popular hangout for students and young people, and the admission is free!

The Bangkok National Museum – This has the honour of being the very first national museum in Thailand and has since grown to house the kingdom’s largest collection of Thai art and artefacts. Three permanent galleries are filled with artistic relics and sculptures, with each having its own theme: Archaeological and Art History, Decorative Arts and Ethnological Collection, and Thai History Gallery. Constructed during the late 1800s and located on the Grand Palace grounds, this is a do-not-miss experience for lovers of antiquities!

Museum Siam – This is an interactive museum full of fun exhibits housed in a gorgeous neoclassical building. The museum features a vibrant combination of modern art, technology, and fascinating antiques presented with the intention of highlighting Thailand’s culture, history, and the creativity of its amazing people.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, or MOCA – The museum’s five-story building is intriguingly designed to look as if it was carved from one gigantic slab of granite with jasmine cascading over the two open sides that provide natural light, making it something of a work of art itself! MOCA is home to over 800 pieces of contemporary Thai art as well as the most extensive collection of modern Thai sculptures in the country.

Suan Pakkad Palace – Eight traditional centuries-old Thai teak houses holding royal treasures were transported to this tropical garden from Chiang Mai. A must-see!

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