Australia’s most popular linehaul and interstate transport services 


The world has changed, and increasingly we’re seeing the shipping of goods around the country, especially as online retailers continue to surge in the wake of COVID-19 and the world we live in.

That means, for businesses – especially those that sell online – an important part of building and maintaining reputation, is delivering goods on time, and without damage.

That’s where a trusted linehaul transportation partner comes in. In fact, it’s never been more important.

In business for more than 25 years, DSE Transport is the leader in the logistics industry, with highly experienced drivers and handlers, all of them trained to the highest standards of professionalism and service.

 Not just delivering to all capital cities in Australia, they also include drop-off and pick-up points in many rural and regional destinations – a real advantage for small businesses and those that aim to deliver to as much of Australia as possible.

With a range of different linehaul transportation options, DSE Transport can meet any requirement or need. For more cargo capacity, their tautliners offer convenient side curtain loading, single or mez trailers, strong freight security and the highest strength-to-weight pallet ratio.

For awkward loads, flattops are a wise solution, and if you need to keep your load chilled, then DSE Transport also has a full range of fridge pans, chillers and freezer trucks with leading-edge cooling and security systems.

While they really are an all-rounder, DSE Transport has particular expertise and experience with construction companies and can help with cross-docking and delivery across all your sites. They are also known for their exhibition freight expertise, having worked with most exhibition organisers across Australia. Plus, they’ll take care of your perishables.

The advantage of using a DSE Transport for your linehaul and interstate deliveries is that you get safe, reliable, point-to-point delivery – every time. Able to pick up from multiple locations and focus on meeting your needs, their individualised approach sets them apart from the rest.

Whereas most trucking companies wait for a full load before running their routes, DSE Transport will operate even with less-than-truckload capacities – because they care about your business. They call it getting a ‘hot shot’ and it’s definitely worthwhile when you’re on a tight deadline.

The other reason why DSE Transport is so popular is because their pricing structure aims to be as transparent as possible. 

While hard costs – such as fuel, parts and labour – are straightforward, the soft costs are less visible and are usually passed onto the customer. These soft costs are generally associated with vehicle and employee downtime that create lost revenue opportunities. At DSE Transport though, they would rather wear the soft costs than pass them onto you.

They say they deliver service excellence at every turn, which is a pretty accurate description of the way they operate. So contact DSE Transport and find out why they’ve remained a trusted linehaul transportation partner for Australian businesses – big and small – for almost three decades.

If you’re looking for the best, you won’t be disappointed.


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